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A Vision and Ministry for over 29 years!

There has never been a better time to serve Jesus Christ than now. All over the world, God is doing something wonderful and new. One of the greatest needs in the church is the need for a generation of leaders. People whose lives are giving others something to follow.


As we look into developing leaders, let us read Proverbs 4:20-23. What is in your life is determined by what is in your heart. Your heart determines your attitude in life. Your heart determines the success of your life. The direction of your life is determined by what is in your heart.


No matter what is happening around you, your life is built by what is happening in you. (e.g. The example of Joseph) That is why we are told to get the Word into the middle of our heart (Prov. 4:21).


In James 1: 21 we are told to receive the engrafted Word into the middle of our heart. Verse 22 says we must be the doers of the Word. Leadership starts in the heart. If you want to develop as a leader, it will need to start inside you. Many people have wrong things in their hearts. This affects their whole lives.


One of the signs of wrong things in the heart is negativity or defeat. If you are negative, it will affect your whole life and ministry.


Challenging the nations of the world, people of all tribes, cultures, traditions and languages to rise up and do a unique thing for the Glory of God today.


Dear Friends,


I personally welcome you to our website in the English language version, though english speaking, i have travelled and ministered in more than 25 countries and most of them are french speaking, so i am so proud to minister in both languages and other more.


Let me share this little testimony with you on; Practical Experience with God!


We have to demonstrate the power of God in our ministry. I preach a very practical Gospel, that God changes men, that God works miracles.


I have understood that, if we reduce the power of God and dismiss the miracles out of the Bible, then we come to the position of many in the Western countries especially, who cannot see the difference between the Hindus, Moslems and the Christian church. So they hold combined meetings, coming together – but it is NOT the same God we worship!


There is only ONE God. There is only ONE way into the Kingdom of God – we have got to get back to the authority of the Bible!


I believe the Word of God! If you start to take part of the Bible out, what have you left? If you say, “Oh, I do not believe this bit and that bit,” – well what DO you believe? How much do you believe? I believe it is “all or nothing”.


It is not our theological learning, rather our practical experience with God that counts. There is a song we are singing in the churches today, “These are the days of Elijah’. Where is Elijah?


To me this is a challenge. If you sing, ‘These are the days of Elijah’, you are also saying that these are the days of national spiritual backsliding! Then we NEED the Elijah’s who can call down the fire from Heaven and causes the people to repent! Not just one – we need a hundred Elijah’s!


Join us in praying for God’s will and desire to be revealed in the hearts of men and women taking places and positions as pastors and leaders in the Churches today!!!


Dr Alpha Grace



Dr Alpha Grace accepted the divine call of God upon his life to preach and teach the Word of God and to make disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ in 1987. His walk with God took another turn when he came to Switzerland, specifically the French speaking region, by what we believe was an absolute divine arrangement. It was in this region that he does not understand the language that the scope of his call began to unfold. Since then, with consistency of prayer, faith, and humility he has preached the Word of God in several nations of the world and impacted many lives.


In early 2000 as he waited on the Lord in prayer and meditation for further directions concerning the call of God on his life, God spoke to him through the Holy Spirit about the apostolic and spiritual nature of his call.


The amazing Grace of God on his life is the result of the strong gift of prayer coupled with the power of the Holy Spirit's anointing on his ministry. This makes him stand out as one of the distinguished humble servants of God with a clear message for our generation.



Some few years ago, during a lengthy time of praying and meditation, the Lord showed Dr Grace a vision of the Globe descending from the presence of God that seemed to be rotating and floating in the room in which he was. The Spirit of Prophecy came upon him and he prophesied upon the globe as he followed it with these words, "and the glory of God shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea". Habakkuk2:14, Numbers 14:21.


With many infallible proofs from God to him personally and also through seasoned Christian leaders it has become increasingly evident that God has a global apostolic ministry for him to the entire world.


We do believe God has given abundant grace to this ministry to preach this Gospel of the Kingdom of God in the entire world for a witness unto all nations. For it is the will of God that the kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ. (Mt 24:14, Rev 11:15)



  • To preach and teach the Word of God to all nations and making disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ and baptizing them in the Holy Ghost according to MATTHEW 28:18-20.
  • To stand with pastors and encourage them in the service to God and to their congregations.
  • To help others called into the ministry fulfill their call and also to help teach others the ways of the Lord and to bridge the gap between the saved and unsaved by winning more souls and discipling them for the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To encourage the body of Christ to walk in the fullness of power and authority that God has for us.
  • To promote quality education, scientific innovation in agricultural and sustainable development, artistic creativeness and humanitarian services to the needy in other countries of the world according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.



  • To preach the gospel to the poor and the lost. To equip the saints for the work of the ministry. To edify the body of Christ until we come to the unity of faith and knowledge of the Son of God to a perfect man and to measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. EPHESIANS 4:11
  • We also intend to empower the individual and the local churches the Lord will send to us by supporting them prayerfully, financially, and logistically to reap in more disciples for the Kingdom of God.
  • Organizing conferences, seminars, crusades in mostly retreats grounds, e.g. hotel ball rooms, theater halls, town halls, convention centers, stadiums, coliseums, and in church facilities around the world.
  • To encourage, stir up, heal, lift up, and help restore fellow soldiers of the cross who have been wounded or have fallen or have been struck down by the enemy's schemes.
  • To demonstrate the grace, love, and compassion of Jesus Christ. Mathiew 14:14.
  • With sound cooperation with local pastors and their congregation we will create the platform for raising up apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers wherever we go in the nations and cities so as to harvest souls and disciple them and establish them in the body of Christ as the Lord leads us.



To fulfill this goal around the nations of the world within the time span God has given to us. PSALMS 2:8



The Vision and Mission God has given us is not for just one or two of us to achieve. We believe that the Lord Who called His servant to do this job has people all around the world whose heart He has prepared to stand with us. We have confidence that those the Lord will touch to stand with us WILL obey the voice of the Lord and stand with us through all the varied ways the Lord will individually lead them to support us. We therefore do not cease to pray that God touch hearts and lives and provide for you by multiplying your seed sown into Alpha Global Ministries.

We also need your prayer, goodwill, counsel, and support in faithful dimensions.



We of AGM believe that even as you read this, the Lord will stir your heart as to what you can do to make the kingdom of this world become the Kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ. For we believe that based on Marfk 16:20, the Lord shall work with you and I, to confirm His Word with signs following.


"I believe that based on Habakkuk 2:14 that the Glory of God shall cover this earth and every nation, city, tribe, and home shall experience a phenomenal move of the Spirit of Grace so much so that on the final day of judgment, no nation or peoples shall say we did not hear the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. For there shall be no reason to do so". We are in that season when God shall pour out His Spirit upon all flesh; the hour is here with us. This is it !


Ministry Focus:

- Swiss School of Ministry

- Grace Multimedia Publications

- Center for Sociocultural Development

- HeartFree Institute

- Alpha Global Strategic Leadership Consultation

- Alpha Global Foundation

AFRICA AND SOUTH AMERICA Strategic Ministers & Pastors Conference


Conference Vision

We gather in Cotonou – Republic of Benin, and vitalize relations between the Diaspora and African ministries to maximize our strength and do greater good in our communities, for our African brothers and sisters and speak as one voice on issues of global concern.


Possible Themes

1. Strengthening Diaspora and Africa Networks

-How can we effectively network between ministries in African and the Diaspora?

-How can we strengthen the unity of pastors?


2.Diaspora for African Development

-How can we best support our brothers and sisters in Africa?

-How can the Christian Diaspora be activated to more engage in development issues?

-How can we further African development?

-How we can we contribute to promote religious freedom in Africa?


3. Faith in one God

-How can we strengthen our Faith in One God?

-How can we together more effectively spread the Gospels around the world?

-What are the best ways to spread the gospels in Africa?


4.Speaking as one voice on issues of global concern

-How can we contribute in a meaningful way to global issues, such as world security, world economy, and fight against the destruction of natural resources, moral integrity, honest and transparent governments and the preservation of the cultural diversity of the human race?


Conference Outcome

Declaration for World Unity as a Call to Action

Target Audience, Date & Duration

Pastors, Church and Ministry Leaders from around West Africa.


Our Proposal for a Successful Conference

Preparing a successful conference requires a high degree of involvement of a Organizing Committee consisting of engaged Pastors and Ministers, who share the following responsibilities:


PRAYER – A Christ-honouring event that will result in touched lives and changed hearts takes prayer. Don’t overlook this key ingredient— throughout all the “tasks,” we have to keep our eyes on the larger reasons for this event.


PLANNING - Managing our timeline and working with a good team are essential components of a successful event.


PROMOTION - Create awareness of our event. Promoting through all possible channels and means is integral to our event’s success!












We invite you to join the most extraordinary Leadership Forum of the year in BENIN!






As a leader, the strength of what you believe is mesured by how much you are willing to suffer for those beliefs.


You must be a man with strong beliefs, be prepared to do what is right despite the pain that it may cause you and the price you may need to pay. You must also be prepared to do the right thing in the right way.


You must develop and maintain the following characteristics:

- Righteousness - Discretion and Sentivity - Responsiveness to God - Self-discipline and Integrity.

African Strategic Leadership Conference in Benin 2018


African Strategic Leadership Conference will serves as a prominent voice among all nations where Africans are found in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and maintains an historic and spiritual role in protecting and preserving the civil rights and liberties of all African Disaporas wherever they are found in the world.


This Conference is a wonderful opportunity for African Leaders in the Diasporas to achieve a networking mission of educating, motivationg, investing in developpement projectfs and rewarding success. The focus of the yearly 3-day event is the African continent’s markets and geopolitics as regarding the emerging developing economies and nations, and the conference includes a variety of workshops on leadership, project training, tours in regions concerned, and an assortment of financial and marketing topics designed to help the African Diasporas better serve the African continent.


Our primary mission is to:


Empower African Diaspora Leaders in Europe, America, the Middle East and the Pacific with leadership and resources to establish a legacy of financial independence through entrepreneurship. Above all else, our universal goal is to build a just and healthy society that works equally well for everyone. As a democratic, people-powered movement, all work of the ASLC is done through conferences, work groups, and action teams. Meeting and being together is how we build social capital and communal power.


Our network creates the space for Africans in the Diasporas to create a shared agenda for solving our communities and continent’s critical issues.

ASLC members come from all walks of life to contribute their insight each month by participating in any way that suits their interests. From volunteering in support of our growing movement, to joining workgroups that focus on economic development, education, health, or family and cultual wellness; there is space for everyone.


Who we are:

We are a movement of more than 1,200 African Diasporas leaders in Europe, Asia, Amwricas, Middles East and the Pacifics.

We have united to address challenges, create solutions, and build a vibrant and sustainable community.

We are leaders in every field: business, non-profits, government, education, health, religion, politics, philanthropy, the arts, and grassroots organizing.

We are united in our belief that we can do more together than apart.

We understand, value, and leverage "the power of the collective" to move our communities forward.


What we do:

We are continuosly convening community leaders.


We find ways to collaborate for social change. We champion policies and practices that support strong socioeconomic changes in the African continent and entrepreneurial developpments in the Diasporas commnunities in different nations of the world.


We are building a new infrastructure for organizing, working together, shaping an global agenda, and uplifting our communities wherever they are found in the nations of the world.


We sponsor serious dialogue and collective action to advance the African Diasporas community in every nations of the world and address critical issues in the African continent as it concerns us.


We work to solve community problems in a unified way, drawing many people together to speak a common language and align their efforts.

We bring thinkers, innovators, and doers around one table to create solutions together.


We encourage new, effective partnerships and collaborations.


We provide a safe, positive place where people can align to get things done.


We make our voices heard to create the future we want.


The ASLC conferences are our drivers for change. They bring together innovators, thinkers, and doers to develop solutions to support community and rurfal developpements in Africa .


Join us today!


Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee is the Conference's central governing body made up of member-leaders. This group provides guidance and oversight on matters of budget, policy, and organizational development, along with theConference Executive Director and ASLC Networks.


Members of the Steering Committee ensure objectives are being addressed and that the project remains under control. In practice responsibilities addressed by performing the following functions:


•Monitoring and reviewing the Conference's strategic plan at regular Steering Committee meetings;

•Providing planning and resourcing assistance when needed;

•Controlling project scope as emergent issues force changes, and ensuring that scope aligns with the Forum's mission, vision, values, and principles;

•Resolving project conflicts and disputes; and reconciling differences of opinion and approach;

•Collaborating across workgroups and action teams on projects that require joint leadership.


The African Strategic Leadership Conference is a people-powered movement with a transformative agenda for social change in the African Diasporas worldwide.


In 2012 a few Africans in the Diaspora in Europe, Middle East and America began meeting privately to discuss their concerns about the ability of the Africans in the Diaspora to act collectively. Soon they were joined by an equally concerned group of women. Thus, the African Strategic Leadership Conference was born.


Today we focus on doing three things well:

We continuously convene black leaders at all levels to build a positive culture and productive relationships across sectors.

We develop opportunities for collective action to address the most critical issues affecting the physical, social, educational and economic health and well-being of all Africans in the Diaspora, individuals and families.

And, we advocate innovative policies and practices with the promise to transform our communities and the broader society.


The ASLC Policy Agenda

Our agenda focuses on four core themes that represent the issues, challenges, and opportunities. These four themes include:


•Economic Development - To encourage and support long-lasting, ongoing investments to build wealth in the African Diaspora communities worldwide and in the Continent of Africa.

•Education and Lifelong Learning – To close the achievement gap for African children in the diasporas

•Cultural Identity, Spirituality, and Family – To ground our work in our cultural principles, creating a tipping point that maximizes our potential.

•Health and Wellness – To promote healthy living — mind, body, and soul — in the African Diasporas communities in Europe, Asia, Middle East and in the Pacifics.


Success: The ASLC in Cotonou - Benin has many successes that will often go unseen. Our members find opportunity for personal advancement through our network. Relationships between organizations are built through our convening. Boards and decision-making bodies are influenced by our advocacy.

However, we want to have visible successes too. The ASLC in Jerusalem has planned to....

•Bring Generation Next, an historic, financial, education, spiritual collaborative of systems leaders, to Cotonou – Benin 2018 ;

•Collaborated with the City of Jerusalem, International investors and the African Development Bank to create a $100 million socio-culturally specific home loan fund for the African Diaspora communities in Israel and in Europe;

•Work with the public schools to gain flexibility for the lowest performing schools to adopt proven practices, as seen in;

•Partner with churches, Mosques, community groups, European Union, and the Republic of Benin to create Rehoboth : An African Diaspora Woman's Health Gathering that will together over 1000 women in the Diaspora to Jerusalem in 2022;

•Sponsor communal learning opportunities on Solidarity series of the African Diaspora historical journeys from different nations of Africa to their present destinations in 2025.


As we look ahead, we need your support as we focus on...

•A summer programs that will place African Diaspora youths into employment and mentorship in intercontinental organizations;

•A Diaspora University scholarship with support services to increase completion in different nations of Africa;

•A leadership institute and fund for developing new leaders, and providing growth opportunities for experienced leaders;

•Building a coalition around the status of boys and men of mixed marriages in the Diaspora;

•Fighting for greater access to education, training, and opportunity for low-income mothers and fathers in every nations where the African Diasporas is present;

•Establishing a community covenant in support of African Diaspora families.

Please help us continue our mission to build African Diaspora communities all over Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Pacific’s that fosters success for all our children and families!



Economic: Improve Economic Security for Families and Communities

Many Western countries enjoys a high standard of living, but benefits of a relatively strong economy are not equitably distributed amongst people of color and the poor.


For instance, recent research indicates that when compared to the 25 largest metropolitan areas in the world, Europe has the largest gap in employment rates between workers of African descents and their European peers, even when they are in pocession the citizenship of the countries concerned. Further, median income for people of African descent is 63 cents for every Euro of median income for Europeans.



Address racial disparities in employment by increasing creating incentives for employers to create new jobs in low-employment areas where African Diasporas are converged.

Create a “worker’s prosperity” package that includes a raise minimum wages, an expansion of tax credits benefiting working families, and increased access to education.

Reform public assistance systems so that they improve outcomes for families and children.

Increase family stability through affordable pathways to home ownership and foreclosure prevention.

Ensure that African Diasporas benefit from community development expenditures and procurement systems.



Create an urban jobs Pilot – Attract new jobs by creating tax-free zones for businesses seeking to recrute in areas with the highest rate of disparities in employment among the African Diasporas in Europe.

Worker’s Prosperity Package – Ensure proposed tax reform is progressive and fair for working families. Create a pro-worker package that increases minimum wage, and enhances tax credits that support family economic security.

Family Policy Reform - Comprehensive reform that restores access to education, makes childcare continuous regardless of a parent’s status in the program, and replaces the “work first” bias with a standard of “policy ending employment.” Additionally, remove barriers to accumulating assets by enhancing public assistance systems with a continuum of asset-building mechanisms, and increasing the exit level to 140% of poverty.


Education: Increase Education Opportunity for Families That Need It Most

A quality education is elemental to ending poverty in the world. We need to have a global-leading racialized gap in educational attainment. 82 percent of non-African students graduate from high school on time, but that number is less than 49% for African descents and the Diasporas. Further, while 43 percent of non-African descents and the Diaspora have earned a Bachelor’s degree, only 27 percent African descents and the Diasporas have done so.


Though many things contribute to school success for students, we believe education expenditures should focus on proven strategies that address school-based factors. Conclusive research suggests that the best public education investments focus on high quality early childhood education, improving instructional quality in classrooms, and increasing educational opportunity and equity in school districts. African descents and the Diasporas children worldwide deserve leadership that funds a universal system of education that results in educated citizens.



Increase parental empowerment and pathways to educational opportunity.

Increase access to a universal system of high-quality early childhood education African Diasporas children that can most benefit from early interventions.

Establish training for teachers and administrators to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the classroom.

Increase options for students to complete high school on time, and close the gap between primary schools and college.

Health: Foster Resilient and Healthy Families from Prenatal Through Senior Years

Despite the Western world’s overall standing as one of the healthiest nations, people of color and African descents are disproportionately experience poor health, illness, and death.

Racialized disparities in health are further aggravated by high poverty in many European communities of African descents and the Diaspora. Low-income families access intensive prenatal, medical, and dental care at lesser rates, which is a major contributor to overall health outcomes.


Increase access to high-quality health care for children, families, and marginalized communities.

Increase culturally relevant mental, chemical, and behavioral health services for African Diasporas and foster success in health care careers.

Maintain a commitment to collecting and sharing health data that is disaggregated by race

Reduce environmental exposure to health risks and youth violence.



Close the gaps in health coverage - Create a quality “basic health care plan” for families and individuals that cannot afford options offered through national health care exchange.


A Smart Health Care Exchange – Ensure that governance over Minnesota’s health care exchange is Independent of insurance industry conflicts of interest at the governance level.


Accessible to all communities through dedicated community-based “navigators.”


ASLC: Empowered to negotiate for the most affordable and high quality health on behalf of African Diasporas wherever they are


Policy Action Team

The Policy Action Team shall bring co-chairs from our national workgroups together with ASLC members that are interested in making a difference through policy to develop a policy framework for the whole Conference.


The Policy Action Team will....

Review workgroup action plans, consider policy implications, develop an annual policy framework and legislative agenda

Review, consider, and make recommendations for full forum support (or non-support) of pending policy or socio-political issues.

Develop relationship strategy for working with allies, influential, and elected officials to advance ASLC agenda.


In the case of the AfroSwiss communities and its interactions with the broader Helvetic society, we have reached what is known as a Nash equilibrium: Unless the broader Helvetic society sees a benefit to itself for improving the conditions of AfroSwiss communities, the allocation of resources and opportunities will remain unchanged. The Nash equilibrium also suggests that groups that have enough social cohesion to negotiate a common agenda can improve their chances of transforming the playing field and changing the entire game.


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